The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative is a collaboration organized to gain comprehensive knowledge about family forest owners in the United States. Members of the initiative include government agencies, forest industry companies, conservation organizations, certification systems, landowner groups, and universities. At a minimum, all of these groups agree on the importance of keeping forests as forests and good forest stewardship.










The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative has developed a practical set of tools to help conservation and forestry professionals reach more family forest owners (owning between 1 - 999 acres) with effective stewardship messages and develop programs that serve the needs andvalues of the landowners. Family forests are perhaps the last frontier in which to develop long-term sustainability concepts, and they are the forests most at risk of being fragmented and converted for development.

What's New

The newest tool of the SFFI is the TELE web site, which helps users design an effective and targeted communications plan to ensure the sustainable management of family forests.

Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively, or TELE, provides individualized templates to help you design your own unique communications strategies for working with family forest owners. Read what TELE users are saying about this exciting new tool!

“Finally, a real tool, backed by research, for reaching family forest owners. This will be a great help to us.” -- Tom Doak, Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine

Tune in to TELE and get started today!

We have conducted workshops with groups like the Wildlands & Woodlands Partnership and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. We are currently accepting requests for workshops; email us to learn more.

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